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Bengals In Attendance At EKU Pro Day

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The Bengals, along with a few other NFL teams and a canadian team are in attendance at the Eastern Kentucky University pro day.


The Bengals, along with the Patriots, Eagles, 49ers, Raiders, Colts, Bills and several other teams as well as a canadian team, are in attendance at the Eastern Kentucky University Pro Day, according to Damond Talbot.

The players that are working out in front of scouts likely include wide receiver Tyrone Goard, running back Matt Denham, defensive tackle Courtney Prince, offensive tackle Aaron Adams, cornerback Justin Bell and wide receiver Cameron Bailey.

EKU may not sound like a massive pool of future NFL talent, but several productive professional athletes and the coach of the New York Jets have come out of the small Kentucky school, including Yeremiah Bell, Rex Ryan, Danny Copeland, Antwan Moldin (Anquan Boldin's brother from bizzarro world) and Wally Chambers.

The 2013 NFL draft begins on April 25 and goes through April 27. The Bengals have 10 draft picks including four in the first three rounds.