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Cornerback Terence Newman Still Deciding Between The Bengals And Raiders

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Free agent cornerback Terence Newman wanted to make a decision on his next contract by Friday, but he's still deciding.

Gregory Shamus


That's the lasting stage while the Oakland Raiders and Cincinnati Bengals wait on cornerback Terence Newman, who is still deciding which team he'll sign with.

Keep waiting, tweets Newman Friday afternoon.

Fellow cornerback Adam Jones, who reportedly agreed to terms on a three-year deal with Cincinnati on Thursday, is confident that Newman returns based on a phone conversation both had earlier this week.

We get the feeling that ultimately the indecision is coming down to two things. Newman is being offered a multi-year contract with perhaps more money, whereas Cincinnati has familiarity with teammates, the coaching staff (especially defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer) and a greater opportunity for a championship, which Newman covets.

Though the Bengals prioritized Newman during free agency, there's a feeling that with Dre Kirkpatrick looking to make his contributions (after what amounts to a red shirt rookie season) and Jones returning, Cincinnati's urgency with Newman may have lessened -- another factor which could be weighing against Newman.