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Breaking Down Rey Maualuga's Two-Year Contract

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The Cincinnati Bengals signed linebacker Rey Maualuga last week. Let's break down his contract.


When the Cincinnati Bengals re-signed Rey Maualuga, many folk were generally accepting of the announcement, as long as the intention was that the four-year linebacker was moving back to SAM, where he played for two seasons. The feisty/testy Marvin Lewis denied any planned changes during the NFL's meetings earlier this week, saying that "we're very comfortable how we played on defense and all we do is keep getting better with those kids. Rey had to manage kinder care out there and he did a good managing it."

Maualuga signed a two-year deal worth $6.5 million with a $2.25 million signing bonus with a scheduled base salary of $1 million in 2013 and $2.25 million in 2014. Maualuga is also due a $250,000 annual roster bonus and $250,000 annual workout bonus during each year of the contract, giving him an additional $500,000 through each offseason.

2013 1,000,000 1,125,000 500,000 2,625,000 2,250,000
2014 2,250,000 1,125,000 500,000 3,875,000 1,125,00

That being said the Bengals aren't responsible for a significant amount if they elect to release Maualuga from this contract next offseason as a June 1 cut (teams are allowed two June 1 cuts before the actual June 1 date), leaving only the remaining amount of his signing bonus as dead money.