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Cincinnati Bengals Attend Illinois State Pro Day Friday

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The scouts and coaching staff are keeping busy, checking out Pro Days even with little Missouri Valley Football schools.

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Illinois State held their Pro Day on Friday with nine Redbirds working out in front of scouts from four teams, including the Cincinnati Bengals. Matt Brown, Ben Ericksen, Pete Cary, Austin Davis, Tyrone Walker, Evan Frierson, Nate Palmer, Mike Zimmer and Darrelynn Dunn were put through a variety of usual drills for incoming prospects.

“I thought I did well. I threw the ball well. That’s really what I wanted to do,” quarterback Matt Brown (ISU career passing leader) told the “I think I’m going to get a chance somewhere even if I don’t get drafted. I have a lot of game film. That plays to my favor.”

Brown completed 927 of 1,455 passes (63.7 percent) for 10,591 yards passing, 78 touchdowns and 36 interceptions during his four-year career. Cincinnati is believed to be interested in a rookie quarterback that they can groom, at least through the practice squad. That selection could take place in the late rounds of the 2013 NFL draft, or during the hours that follow when undrafted free agents sign contracts with teams.

Inside linebacker Evan Frierson, the highest-ranking prospect at Illinois State according to ESPN's draft chart who ranks him as the 23rd linebacker prospect, also worked out Friday.

Other teams that observed Illinois State's Pro Day were the Chicago Bears, Green Bay Packers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.