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Week In Review: Bernard Scott Battling Back, But For Whom

Free agent running back Bernard Scott is rehabilitating a torn ACL from last year. Where will he end up for 2013?

Matt Sullivan

Bernard Scott is a former sixth-round draft pick during the 2009 NFL draft, recovering from a significant knee injury and only recently cleared by an orthopedic surgeon to begin "explosive weight training". Scott Casterline, Bernard Scott's agent, promoted generic interest from other NFL teams this week, but we tend to believe that that public acknowledgement to be the duty of a sports agent, and not necessarily the exact pulse of the NFL community.

Scott has carried the ball 255 times for 1,035 yards and four touchdowns for an average of 5.4 yards per carry over the last four seasons. He has also contributed as a kick returner, returning one kick for a touchdown against the Steelers in 2009.

Now we're thinking: Will the Cincinnati Bengals re-sign Scott?

There's no known interest from the Bengals in regards to Scott, who had about as much news circulating about him as Dennis Roland did.

But we could see it happening.

The Bengals use free agency often as contingency, but not just for injuries. The idea here is to sign Scott to a one-year league minimum, citing a contingency if the team is unable to draft the running back they want during the 2013 NFL draft. The minimum contract offers freedom to release him without penalty, either with concerns on a knee or being outperformed from another running back. Regardless it allows the type of no-risk action that offers vast rewards if Scott fully recovers and produces like we've hoped since 2009.

That being said, durability has always been a concern. Except during his first three seasons, Scott only missed three of 48 games. But 2012 was littered with them. A hand injury during training camp held him out for two games into the regular season. An ankle injury against Washington held him out against Jacksonville, an ACL injury against the Miami Dolphins prematurely ended his season.

We're not promoting that the Bengals should sign Scott, but we could see it happening.