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Waiting On The Bengals Announcement Regarding Adam Jones' Return

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The veteran cornerback announced on twitter that he was returning to Cincinnati on a three-year deal, but the Bengals have yet to announce the signing.

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On Thursday around 10 a.m. (ET), free agent cornerback Adam Jones enthusiastically tweeted that he had agreed to a three-year deal to stay in Cincinnati, where the Bengals took a chance and subsequently helped recover a broken NFL career. And its benefited everyone as the partnership between player and team is believed extending through 2015.

Most media reports are citing Jones' tweet as a source for the supposed agreement that took place. Geoff Hobson with didn't confirm it, saying earlier that day that both sides were working hard for an agreement, but grabbed additional quotes from Jones.

"I want to play more than three years. I've got more than three years left," Jones said Thursday, a 29-year-old cornerback that has seen all sides of the NFL life. "I really like the situation here. We've got something special going on the defensive side of the ball and the offensive side of the ball."

Tom Groeschen with the Cincinnati Enquirer, filling in for Joe Reedy late last week, cited Jones' tweet and a phone interview later as confirmation.'s Around the League used a retweet by the Bengals official account of Jones' announcement as confirmation. Kevin Goheen with Fox Sports Ohio cited the same Jones tweet.

We believe that an agreement in principle is in place, but there could be some fine tuning remaining on the smaller details. Either way, Jones remains unsigned (as of this posting). However, since the agreement allegedly happened at some point on Thursday, the weekend may delay these things. Despite Ian Rapoport announcing that Brandon Tate is returning, the Cincinnati Bengals haven't announced that either. Both announcements could come as early as Monday.

The Cincinnati Bengals generally do not announce a player's return until there's a signature on the actual contract, filed to the league office. Currently Jones and Tate are still listed as an unrestricted free agents on roster sheet.