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Open Thread: Week 3 Of Free Agency Begins

The Bengals have re-signed many of their free agents as week three of free agency begins. Now two or three remain on the radar.


It's becoming clear that the Bengals aren't really interested in signing outside free agents, however, they have done a pretty good job at re-signing their own. As week three of free agency begins today, there are only two, possibly three, free agents left that the Bengals want back. The two for sure players are right tackle Andre Smith, who the Bengals have been supposedly negotiating with, and cornerback Terence Newman, who is expected to sign a deal with either the Bengals or Raiders this week.

The other player the Bengals may be interested in is linebacker Thomas Howard, though, hardly any news regarding Howard has been heard lately.

Most of the big-money free agents are gone, but a few remain. Smith is now likely the biggest name on the market. Will the Bengals get a deal done?

What do you think will happen in the third week of the new league year?