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Cincinnati Bengals "In The Home Stretch" With Andre Smith

The Cincinnati Bengals have targeted Andre Smith and Terence Newman recently and it appears that they're getting closer.

While waiting for non-CAA clients of Ben Dogra to sign contracts, the Bengals have at least moved forward with a series of signings to bolster the team's depth from quarterback Josh Johnson, cornerback Adam Jones, tight end Richard Quinn, returner Brandon Tate and offensive lineman Dennis Roland. Eventually the team will press the center of their glasses off the bridge of their nose for a little more clarity, approaching the Dogra clients.

According to, the Bengals "hope" to "wrap up" the final priorities in Andre Smith and Terence Newman sooner rather than later.

The Bengals come into the week hoping to wrap up their final two free-agent priorities in right tackle Andre Smith and cornerback Terence Newman and it looks like they may be in the home stretch of getting them resolved either way.

It's believed that Newman has decided on his team, finalizing the deal whereas updates have been scarce with Smith; though there are hints to being a disagreement in market value between the negotiating partners.