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BB: Palmer Influencing Another Rapid Exit; Raiders Moving On From Newman?

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The Cincinnati Bengals haven't done much, except confirm signings that we knew were going down for several days. But there are some former (and maybe current) news on Bengals players (and Josh is a little pissy).

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John Grieshop

+ Carson Palmer's definition of the NFL is "Not For Long."

Demand a trade out of Cincinnati or play the "retirement card". Say that the problem is the front office, milk a little sympathy from your departing fanbase, maybe even reduce the overall "he's not to be trusted" feelings around the league. Two birds. One stone. Bengals agent Hue Jackson Oakland sacrifices a first-round pick and a second rounder, then signs him to a four-year contract worth $43 million with $7.5 million guaranteed. Be somewhat productive, but nothing more than any career .500 winning quarterback that will fade into history. Palmer. Grbac. Grbac. Palmer.

Learn that your back-up will have a shot at the starting job. Instead of rising to the challenge that makes the NFL great, cower like a duck in the face of a starving blue heron and find a California hole to hide. Become second-rate junk that will compete with Terrelle Pryor at $13 million, knowingly refusing to restructure your contract, which may ultimately lead to a release.

It's the plan, right? There's always a plan. Orchestrating events through the perception of ignorance. Palmer can't think that there's much football life remaining. Who could possibly want him?

According to Kent Somers with the Arizona Republic last week, the Arizona Cardinals are believed to have speculative interest in Palmer. Now the Raiders have to decide to pay Palmer his scheduled salary with a $15 million cap number. They won't. And Palmer will again tuck tail from a "bad" situation in search for another fresh start. Talk about cowardice. Hopefully the next team knows that you can only really depend on Palmer cashing his check. Anything beyond that is accepted risk.

Ultimately, I hope I'm wrong. Ultimately, I don't think I will be.

+ While Terence Newman reaches out to his absent agent through twitter that he wants to get a deal finalized, the Oakland Raiders have approached cornerback Mike Jenkins, according to

On Monday Bill Williamson on ESPN's AFC West blog, citing an NFL source, reports that the Raiders are also showing interest in cornerback Tracy Porter, who also visited with the New Orleans Saints on Monday.

We bring this up because the Raiders are also interested in Terence Newman. However late Sunday afternoon, Newman appealed to his agent to contact him "to get my deal finalized".

Does this suggest that Newman has decided to sign with the Bengals and that the Raiders are looking for options? Or are the Raiders in that bad of shape? (Yes).

+ According to Mike Garafolo with the USA Today, the deal that Sebastian Vollmer signed with the New England Patriots is worth a maximum $27 million over four years. It includes a $7 million signing bonus and additional $10 million is roster bonuses and incentives. Minus the bonuses and the deal is worth $17 million.

Apply that and any other contract signed by an offensive tackle during the offseason to the Andre Smith negotiations, because it's absolutely meaningless. Smith has a number. The Bengals have a number. We have neither, save for a months-old anonymous report that Smith wants something around $9 million per year. We think they'll get a deal done. They have a training camp deadline. Time for all of us (writing staff and myself included), to move on from the Smith chatter for now.