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Bengals D-Line Coach Jay Hayes Attends SMU Pro Day

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Continuing their tour of pro days, the Bengals turned their attention to SMU, where they sent d-line coach Jay Hayes to scout the event.


The draft is now less than a month away, and the Bengals' scouting efforts are still in high gear as they prepare for the April event. The team has already attended a number of different pro days this past week, and it appears they have now added another to their growing list. According to a report from Bryan Broaddus, Bengals d-line coach Jay Hayes has been spotted at SMU's pro day on Wednesday.

Of all the players at the SMU pro day, DE Margus Hunt has the best chance to be drafted in the early rounds, so it's no surprise that the Bengals sent their d-line coach to check him out. Standing tall at 6'8" and weighing in around 280 pounds, Hunt is an absolute mountain of a man who originally hails from Estonia. He began his athletic career as a track and field athlete, winning gold medals in both the shot put and discus events at the 2006 World Junior Track and Field Championships before turning his attention to football when he arrived at SMU in 2007. Having only played football during his years at SMU, Hunt is a very raw prospect, but his incredible size-weight-speed measurables are impressive enough to make most teams imitate Emperor Palpatine, rubbing their hands together and murmuring, "Good, good."

Despite his incredible physical tools, however, Hunt may be out of place in a 4-3 defense, as many scouts project him to be more of a 3-4 defensive end. Either way, the Bengals were still intrigued enough to send Hayes, and with four picks in the top 100, the team could certainly afford to take on a project player, especially one with as much upside as Hunt.