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The Misleading $28.9 Million Salary Cap Number

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Pro Football Talk released updated salary cap numbers on Tuesday and it's a little misleading for the Cincinnati Bengals and their plans.

John Grieshop

The Cincinnati Bengals continue leading the NFL with $28.9 million available under the 2013 salary cap, writes Pro Football Talk.


However according to multiple reports, Cincinnati is rolling $10 million into 2014 for negotiations with A.J. Green and quarterback Andy Dalton, leaving $18.9 million for spendable cash.


There's more.

The Cincinnati Bengals will set aside between $7-$9 million for rookies, called the rookie pool, as well as replacing injured players signed off the street and now we're looking at roughly $10 million for the remainder of free agency. And you have to consider that contracts for offensive tackle Andre Smith and cornerback Terence Newman, and even Geno Atkins could eventually be signed.

We've said multiple times this month that the Cincinnati Bengals are more focused on retaining their own, whether that's free agents for this year, next year or the year after. They're applied the tunnel vision mentally and, well, at least you have to give them credit for sticking with it.