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Pete Prisco's Pre-Draft NFL Power Rankings: Bengals Come In At No. 9

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Power rankings are back. This time, it's the post-free agency and pre-draft edition.


Last week, we brought you ESPN's Power Rankings, where the Bengals ranked No. 10, only two spots behind the defending Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Ravens.

Pete Prisco of, who seems to have an affinity for the Bengals, put them at spot No. 9. They haven't dropped since his last edition of power rankings. Prisco defended his pick with this:

They re-signed some key pieces, but what about Andre Smith? They have to get him back.

Fortunately for Prisco (Bengals fans), the market value for Andre Smith hasn't played out as expected and the Bengals appear as the only team negotiating with Andre Smith.

In both rankings, the Bengals are behind the Broncos, Seahawks, 49ers, Falcons, Patriots, Packers, Ravens, and Texans. But, Prisco put the Bengals in front of the Indianapolis Colts, instead of behind them, as ESPN did last week.

ESPN 3/19 Pete Prisco 3/26
No.1 Seattle Seahawks Denver Broncos
No.2 San Francisco 49ers San Francisco 49ers
No.3 Denver Broncos Atlanta Falcons
No.4 Atlanta Falcons New England Patriots
No.5 New England Patriots Seattle Seahawks
No.6 Green Bay Packers Green Bay Packers
No.7 Houston Texans Baltimore Ravens
No.8 Baltimore Ravens Houston Texans
No.9 Indianapolis Colts Cincinnati Bengals
No.10 Cincinnati Bengals Indianapolis Colts

Averaging inside the top-ten is might not what you'd expect from the national pundits, given how little the Bengals have done in free agency, outside re-signing their own players.