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Andre Smith Asking Price May Have Wiped Out The Competition

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Andre Smith is known to be asking for a lot of money; more than any offensive lineman has received during free agency this year. Did that asking price wipe out Cincinnati's competition?

Clearly there's been an overestimation of interest regarding free agent right tackle Andre Smith from us (the obsessive Bengals fans) -- and we tend to over-price our own. Smith is equally guilty of over-estimating his own value, who was reportedly seeking something in the neighborhood of $9 million per season. Save for the Cincinnati Bengals, there's been no interest on the market, and oddly enough it may have been his own fault.

Ryan O'Halloran with reviews available right tackles on the market in regards to the (in case you didn't draw the obvious conclusion) Jacksonville Jaguars and quickly dismisses Smith as a possibility.

Cincinnati’s Andre Smith remains on the market, but his price is too high (closer to $10 million than $1 million) and really, he’s had only one good year.


And we suspect most teams needing an offensive tackle are applying a similar belief. The Philadelphia Eagles were "known" at one point to have speculative interest. Nothing materialized. Smith's known itinerary has been limited to Cincinnati and Alabama.

There's a strong belief that while Smith remains unsigned, the Bengals aren't rushing an unreasonable deal due to the lack of interest. In other words, they have firm control over negotiations with the upper hand.

One good year with a $9 million asking price? Smith may have just wiped out Cincinnati's competition.