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Bengals Select Safety Kenny Vaccaro In SBNation Bloggers Mock Draft

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We needed a safety and your trusted brothers at Cincy Jungle got it done.


While Cincy Jungle has kick started our annual community mock draft, SB Nation's annual mock draft has already begun. Without much hype, the Cincinnati Bengals select Texas safety Kenny Vaccaro during the 2013 SB Nation Bloggers Mock Draft.


He was available.

And yes, we snagged him.

Originally we were thinking Kansas State linebacker Arthur Brown, but Windy City Gridiron pulled the trigger right before we went on the proverbial clock.

Our comments on why we selected Vaccaro boils down to this: It just needs to be done. The Cincinnati Bengals have a significant need for a long-term solution at safety, beyond the roster of undrafted free agents and late-round picks (or players acquired via trade with a late round pick). No more aging safeties (god bless Chris Crocker for his years of service, but it's time) or veteran cornerbacks making a transition out of his natural habitat.

A defense with a significant foundation of youth and talent, adding more pieces, also proves one thing. Even with A.J. Green, Jermaine Gresham, Andy Dalton, the Cincinnati Bengals are a defensive team.