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2013 Mock Draft: The Typical Bengals Routes In The Draft

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Based on past history, we take a look at the seven rounds of the draft and talk about the prototypical player that the Bengals usually take at those spots.

Jamie Sabau

A couple of weeks ago, the good folks over at SB Nation's Seattle Seahawks site, Field Gulls, published a piece on the NFL Draft. It was an article that went through the first round, team by team, and used stereotypes for each team's selection. All in all, it was pretty spot on and made for an entertaining read--even if you disagree with the "Bengals bring in criminals" stigma that followers of other teams still hang on to.

Because of the entertainment value that we felt the article provided, we decided to do a similar thing for the Bengals based on their past draft history. Obviously, there are exceptions to the rule here, but we think it's a pretty close stereotype for the orange and black.

Feel free to leave your comments or own "typical Bengals draft picks". We welcome it.

ROUND ONE: A player who will have a major setback early in their career because of injury and/or contract holdout.

ROUND TWO: A first round talent who fell to the second because of character concerns and/or depth at their position. Usually considered a "steal" where words like "upside" and "potential" abound.

ROUND THREE: A productive college wide receiver who will suffer a major injury or other setback early in their career.

ROUND FOUR: A defensive lineman who will be a quality NFL player and will stick with the Bengals for a long time.

ROUND FIVE: A random safety that makes you say "huh?".

ROUND SIX: A random cornerback or running back.

ROUND SEVEN: A player that most teams don't think much of, yet ends up being a productive player for a handful of years.