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Bengals, Andre Smith Remain Far Apart On Deal

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In the wake of the re-signing of CB Terence Newman, only RT Andre Smith remains as a major free agency priority. But according to recent reports from Joe Reedy, the two sides are still far apart on a new deal.

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With all the buzz and excitement surrounding the recent re-signing of CB Terence Newman, it's almost as if a new day has dawned in Cincinnati. According to Newman, the Raiders offered him more money, but the lure of the Bengals and Mike Zimmer were too much, and he ultimately made the decision to re-up with the team that had the better chance of making the super bowl. And that team was the Bengals. That's right. Let it sink in, Bengals fans. It's a tasty beverage and it goes down smooth.

But it just wouldn't be the offseason if this positive news didn't also come with some negative. According to Joe Reedy of The Enquirer, the Bengals and Andre Smith still remain far apart on a potential new deal for the free agent right tackle.

With this contract, Newman is the 12th out of the 23 Bengals unrestricted free agents who will be back this upcoming season. That leaves the last major priority being getting Andre Smith under contract, but indications are neither side is close to a deal yet.

Amidst the good vibes of the Newman deal, the other shoe has dropped.

Smith is likely the last big free agent that the Bengals will sign this year, but by all accounts he will also be the most difficult to actually land. It has been widely reported that Smith was seeking a deal averaging $9 million per season, but the Bengals, and indeed the wider tackle market has spurned that notion. It appears to be a classic case of unflinching hubris, where neither side is willing to back off from their perceived judgment of value.

So we wait. And wait. And from the sound of things, we'll be waiting a long time more before things are finally resolved.