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OPEN THREAD: NCAA Schedule And Sports On TV

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Sports are plentiful, including a football game Saturday night. The regional finals also kickoff during the NCAA tournament.

Harry How

Football! It's on. Though not the NFL, the Arena League features a game between Iowa and New Orleans Saturday night on CBS Sports Network at 7:00 p.m. (ET). The regional finals also tip-off for the 2013 NCAA tournament with two games scheduled on Saturday. The first features Marquette vs. Syracuse at 4:20 p.m. (ET) on CBS. Ohio State is scheduled to tip against Wichita State at 6:55 p.m. (ET) on CBS.

More on Saturday.

1 PM (ET)

MLB Exhibition: Minnesota vs. Boston (MLB Network)
NHL Hockey: Boston Bruins at Philadelphia Flyers (NHL TV)
PGA Tour: Houston Open (Golf Channel)

2 PM (ET)

College Baseball: Kansas State at Baylor (FCS)
NCAA Women's Tournament: Maryland vs. Connecticut (ESPN)

3 PM (ET)

PGA Tour: Houston Open (NBC)
College Baseball: Kansas at Oklahoma (FCSC)

3:30 PM (ET)

MLS Soccer: Philadelphia vs. New York (NBC Sports)

4:00 PM (ET)

MLB Exhibition: San Francisco Giants at Oakland Athletics (MLB Network)
College Hockey: NCAA West Regional Finals (ESPNU)

4:20 PM (ET)

NCAA Tournament: Marquette vs. Syracuse (CBS)

5:30 PM (ET)

College Hockey: NCAA East Regional Semifinals (NESN)

6:00 PM (ET)

College Hockey: NCAA Midwest Regional Semifinals (TWSMD)

6:30 PM (ET)

College Hockey: NCAA Northeast Regional Final (ESPNU)

6:55 PM (ET)

NCAA Tournament: Ohio State vs. Wichita State (CBS)

7:00 PM (ET)

Arena Football: Iowa at New Orleans (CBS Sports Network)
NHL Hockey: New York Rangers at Montreal Canadians (NHL TV)

9:00 PM (ET)

NBA: Indiana Pacers at Phoenix Suns (NBA TV)
NCAA Women's Tournament: Georgia vs. Stanford (ESPN)
MLB Exhibition: Seattle Mariners vs. Colorado Rockies (MLB Network)
College Hockey: NCAA East Regional Semifinals (ESPNU)