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Bengals Draft 2013: The No-Draft List

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We breakdown the Cincinnati Bengals draft needs heading into the 2013 NFL draft in a four-part series.

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We take a look at the team as it's currently structured in anticipation of figuring the team's chances of drafting certain positions. The four-part series will be broken down from major needs (expected first three picks), positions to be addressed, possible selections and positions that won't be addressed. Here are positions that we don't think will be addressed... at all.

FULL BACK: Chris Pressley signed a two-year deal worth $1.515 million last year, with $900,000 scheduled in 2013. With a $100,000 workout bonus scheduled during the offseason, Pressley carries a limited $1 million cap hit. Pressley contributed with 187 offensive snaps last year with 70.6 percent coming during running plays (let's not be too predictable, Jay). Pressley also posted a touchdown reception against the Jacksonville Jaguars in week four.

There's no doubt in our minds that Pressley will be the fullback in 2013. John Conner, who replaced Pressley after a season-ending injury, may generate an interesting competition and Jourdan Brooks gives the team depth, though probably to give both players a breather during training camp.

However, we're not projecting what happens in August. Only April. And we don't see the Bengals drafting a fullback at all.

DEFENSIVE TACKLE: Pat Sims leaving hardly forces Cincinnati to make any decisions regarding the position during the NFL draft. In fact his departure gives rise to last year's draft with Devon Still (second-round selection) and Brandon Thompson (third-round selection) having an opportunity to rotate with starters Domata Peko and Geno Atkins. There's no reason for Cincinnati to select a defensive tackle; though anything is possible.

Some have complained about the loss of Sims, who was a good run defender that helped limit the opposing offense's ground game. He was. We liked him. However two significant injuries in two years exclusively limited his playing time. It was time for the Bengals to see what they had with two high-value draft selections from last year.

KICKERS: Some would argue that kickers are rare instances of draft picks. Yet Kevin Huber was a fifth round pick in 2009 and Mike Nugent was drafted by the New York Jets in the second round nearly ten years ago. Both players signed multi-year deals during the offseason.