The insignificance of Taylor Mays.... with pics!

While there can be a debate on how much "potential" Taylor Mays still has left, there isn't much of a debate on how much Mays has contributed to the Bengals. As I decided to do more research on Mays, one thing became very clear, he is insignificant. Trying to find Mays play during the regular season was like searching for a needle in a haystack.

I have decided to go with both Ravens games because Mays had most of his playing time in both of those games. I took some screen shots to show what I have found, so please review and discuss.

I'm still scratching my head on how Mays got a decent score from PFF. Not given that much of an opportunity to play, Mays had a one or two bright spots, but the film I have seen of him, he still looks very mediocre. And having the physical attributes he has, you would expect a lot better play when is on the field.

My stance is the same and I don't believe Mays is our SS now or the future. He seems to lack technique and doesn't play natural.

I know this isn't much to look over, but again, Mays barely played as a SS. And when he did, he was mediocre.

Vs Ravens Week 1

AT 11:48 1ST: WR reverse to T. Smith, T. Smith gets gain around 14 yards. Mays on the play, had a decent contain on the reverse but T. Smith was able to get around Mays. Mays was able to push T. Smith out of bounds. Play could have been worse and Mays was still able to make a play.



AT 14:46 2nd: Rice runs up the middle for around 15 yards. Nelson takes bad angle and Rice runs past Nelson. Mays comes in from the opposite side and dives towards Rice. Able to hit him hard enough to get him to lose balance and fall forward on the turf.



AT 12:34 2nd: Flacco pumps right and then throws over to the left hash mark to Boldin. 34 yard touchdown over Mays and Nelson. Nelson was drawn over to the right by Flaccos pump fake , while Boldin was able to get behind Mays by a step and Nelson got over late as the pass was caught.



From a different angle. FYI, Boldin was lined up in the slot on the left side and pretty much runs up the seem and past Mays.



AT 8:21 2nd: Penalty called on Mays for helmet to helmet tackle on E Dickson. On a pass that wasn't going to be caught by E Dickson and Mays throws his body by leading his head right into E Dickson helmet. E Dickson head went back and to the left. Back and to the left.


Different angle. And Close up.


AT 7:41 2nd: Screen left to Leach and leach runs up the left side around 15 yards, breaks a few tackles along the way and Mays has a solid hit on Leach to bring him down. Play is called back by a block in the back.

Vs Ravens (back ups) Week 17

At 1:08 1st: A. Allen takes a hand off from the right and runs up the sidelines for around 20 yards. Mays does a good job staying in front of Allen, but some what takes a hit and is dragged several more yards before taking the ball carrier down.



At 12:24 2nd: B Pierce takes hand of left, cuts back around the right side and around the edge. Mays and Clements combine for the tackle as Pierce tries to split both players. Mays takes a decent angle and helps take down Pierce.



At 8:39 3rd: T. Taylor under center and takes the snap, drops back to throw to a screen, but Mays comes running up and blitzes. Gets a great jump off the snap and runs past the RB and hits Taylor as he is throwing. Probably one of Mays better plays all year.



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