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Jay Gruden: Bengals QB Andy Dalton Needs To Work On Everything

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Cincinnati Bengals offensive coordinator Jay Gruden spoke to Dan Hoard on WLW about a wide-range of issues, including quarterback Andy Dalton.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Cincinnati Bengals offensive coordinator Jay Gruden spent time with Dan Hoard on WLW's Sports Talk (I think late last week) and though the two talked about several issues, the one that obviously grabs our attention is the reflection on quarterback Andy Dalton.

When asked what Dalton needs to work on, Gruden didn't hold punches.

"Everything. There’s not one part of his game that he doesn’t need to improve. Hopefully some of our guys are working out with him and they’re throwing. But really, within the offseason, your arm strength, your strength, your footwork, basically your fundamentals of football.

"And obviously he needs to get better with his deep ball accuracy and touch, and there’s not really one part of his game that he can’t really improve upon. He has to get better in every phase — scramble ability, foot quickness, accuracy, deep accuracy, short, anticipation.

"He’s got a long way to go. He’s done some great things for a second-year quarterback, won a lot of games and thrown some good touchdown passes, but we feel like he has not come close to his potential. That’s our job to get it out of him. And he knows he’s gotta play better, and we all do."

Not much we can really add at this point but don't judge Gruden's comments as criticisms, so much as an honest assessment of the question asked. Something both of Cincinnati's coordinators are guilty of (and why we love 'em).

You can listen to the interview here.