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Bengals Bacon: Letters Of Taylor Mays And My Twitter Existence Evolves

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Cincinnati Bengals safety Taylor Mays has been one of the most divisive stages to a debate since his arrival.


Let's recap what Jason had to say with a copy and paste segment, brought to you by Windows 7 and my mouse in regards to Taylor Mays during our last round table.

"I don't get the obsession with Taylor Mays. He wasn't benched for the season because of a penalty against Baltimore. He was benched because he doesn't play football very well. He's athletic as all hell, but he has very low football IQ and is rarely in the right place at the right time. I would have loved for that deal to work out, but he didn't pan out in San Francisco and they obviously felt okay enough to practically give him away. I don't think he's going to work out here either but he's got some diehard fans, and I really don't understand why. A player being good in college does not make them a good pro and Mays is not a good pro. Deep Breath."

Now onward to some letters and my delayed reaction about it all.

Biggie22 writes:

"I don’t understand why so many other have absolute resentment for him as well. Did he steal someones girl friend? Did he say something offensive? I’m just not sure why so many people have such a problem with him that it requires a "rant time". Well according to the sight that you guys at Cincy Jungle use most often when evaluating how a player performs "PFF" he’s actually graded out positively as a PRO player while with the Bengals so I’m not sure if that’s an accurate statement.

Truth is we use PFF infrequently and usually only when using their unique statistics, like coverages or individual grades for offensive linemen. Beyond that I've previously questioned their grades, including the personality of the actual grader since they've become more mainstream. Does someone just tick a "success" box on all 11 players during each play? How does the actual called play account into it? Example. Let's say that the offensive line slides to their left, assigning the running back to block off the right tackle's outside shoulder? What if the running back forgets or misreads his assignment, goes to the left and the left defensive end gets the sack because he breezed past the offensive tackle? Is that the offensive tackle's fault or the running back's and without being in the huddle, how can that be determined? Draw? No score? Just blame the offensive line because that's always the problem when an offense struggles?

Personally the issue of Taylor Mays boils down to this: I just don't care. If he becomes a power house all-league safety, starts opposite Reggie Nelson, becomes a productive member of the NFL community, great. That benefits the Bengals and things that benefit Cincinnati pleases me. If he continues forcing Cincinnati to move a 32-year old cornerback to safety or sign an equally aging safety off the streets, then no harm, no foul. We've already done it once and the Bengals defense didn't implode nor turn 90 percent of the human population into mindless flesh eating zombies, all because one promising safety that was bought with a seventh round pick didn't pan out. It happens and we move on.

Either way, it's up to Mays to prove he belongs. Not us.

+ AMAS85 wrote up a FanPost after doing some research and concluding that Mays "is insignificant. Trying to find Mays play during the regular season was like searching for a needle in a haystack."

Whatever everyone's opinions, I say this with genuine pride: There is no group of Bengals fans that argue points with more intelligence and passion than the people at CJ.

+ Speaking of which, one of the more amusing comments from the above FanPost comes from The Van Buren Boys, who writes: "It is amazing that on a team with A.J. Green, Geno Atkins, etc that this dude is one of the most talked about players."

Indeed. But what are we going to do, argue that Atkins and Green are good? It would be like a King of the Hill moment of everyone going, "Yep".

+ Sports Illustrated ranked the top-25 Power Backs in NFL history. Don't worry. No Bengals.

+ Cincinnati Bengals secondary coach Mark Carrier is one of 77 players that will be on the ballot for the 2013 ballot into the Collect Football Hall of Fame. Announcement for of the 2013 College Football Hall of Fame class will be made on May 7.

Carrier, a former sixth overall draft pick during the 1990 NFL draft, is a former Jim Thorpe Award winner, two-time First-Team All-American and a three-year starter at USC.

+ Using TweetDeck as your mobile or desktop solution? No more. Twitter, who bought TweetDeck in 2011, announced this week that they're discontinuing TweetDeck AIR (your desktop), TweetDeck for Android and iPhone, as well as Facebook integration, focusing more on their web format. The TweetDeck team wrote:

Over the past 18 months, we’ve been focused on building a fast and feature-rich web application for modern browsers, and a Chrome app, which offers some unique features like notifications.