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Jeff Blake Throws At Auburn Pro Day For Son Emory Blake

The Auburn alum made a brief reemergence at the school's pro day to throw for his son Emory, a senior wide receiver for the Tigers.

Kevin C. Cox

Dust off those Jeff Blake jerseys, Bengal fans, looks like ol' "Shake-N-Blake" is back! Well for one day, anyway. According to PFT, Blake made a guest appearance during Auburn's pro day throwing the ball for his son, wide receiver Emory Blake. And he didn't look half bad either.

The 42-year-old drew high praise from his son after the workout.

"Honestly, my dad throws probably the most perfect ball I’ve ever caught. It’s never too heavy. A lot of quarterbacks step in there and try to drill you, he’s just trying to make it a catchable ball. That makes it easy for me as a receiver."

A 14-year NFL veteran, Blake enjoyed his best years as a Bengal, even making the Pro Bowl in 1995, where he threw a record-long 92-yard touchdown pass to wide receiver Yancy Thigpen. Unfortunately, for those of you hoping for a shakeup behind Andy Dalton at the backup quarterback spot, Blake's brief reemergence at Auburn isn't a sign that he'll be strapping the pads back on anytime soon. It seems his appearance was a special, one-time deal between a father and son.

"It's something I always planned, sometimes you never know how the old man's going to hold up," Emory joked. "It was an easy decision for me, he's always thrown the ball well."