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Bengals First Course Of Action Is To Re-sign Cornerbacks Adam Jones And Terence Newman

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The Cincinnati Bengals have a significant number of free agents entering free agency next week.

Gregory Shamus

Andre Smith might be the team's best free agent entering free agency this Tuesday, but he might not be the team's priority signing at this point. According to Geoff Hobson with, the writing that "Cincinnati's first courses of action" will be re-signing veteran cornerbacks Terence Newman and Adam Jones.

We figure that the Bengals are allowing Smith, who is reportedly demanding something in the neighborhood of $9 million per season, to enter free agency, which would allow the market to add some specificity to his overall value. Once that's determined and the projected value is set, Cincinnati will then effort a move to re-sign Smith.

Otherwise the team, comprised of Hall, Jason Allen and a collection of young unproven cornerbacks, want to re-establish some depth at the position with two players that performed well during Cincinnati's playoff season last year.