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Andy Dalton Lends A Hand At TCU's Pro Day

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The former Horned Frog returned to campus to throw the ball for TCU's receivers during their pro day.

Tom Pennington

If you didn't catch the story posted on Wednesday, former Bengals quarterback Jeff Blake made a brief appearance at Auburn's pro day earlier in the week, where he threw the ball during his son's workout. Turns out, he's not the only Bengal who caught pro-day fever, as current Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton also lent a helping hand during TCU's pro day yesterday morning.

On the receiving end of Dalton's passes was TCU wide receiver Skye Dawson. Dawson is a bit on the light side for a WR, weighing in at only 162 pounds, but he was clocked running a 4.39 40-yard dash and looked smooth and crisp during his routes. ESPNDallas' Calvin Watkins projects Dawson to be a slot receiver in the NFL. Another TCU wide receiver, Josh Boyce, was unable to workout due to a broken foot he suffered following the combine. Unlike Dawson, Boyce possesses ideal size for the NFL and he is also highly-regarded as a speedster, having run an electronically-timed 4.38 40-yard dash time at the combine.

Also in attendance at the pro day was another TCU alum and current Arizona Cardinal, Daryl Washington. Washington and Dalton have each made it to the Pro Bowl since coming into the league, so it's no surprise that TCU was eager to have them both on hand during the scouting event.