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Cincinnati Bengals Confirmed In Attendance At Wisconsin Pro Day

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The Cincinnati Bengals sent scouts to Wisconsin's Pro Day, which featured running back Monte Ball and big strapping offensive linemen.

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

Our own Anthony Cosenza wrote on Wednesday that 28 teams scouted Wisconsin's Pro Day, an afternoon highlighted by Monte Ball's improved 40-time from an unimpressive NFL Combine.

Were the Bengals one of those four teams that didn't show?


According to Ryan Rodig with WFRV-TV in Green Bay, the Bengals were among those that attended on Wednesday.

Ball did all of the drills and workouts, save for the bench press.

"Really, I had my mind set on the 40, but also, to show (scouts) up close and in person that I can play football," Ball said. "I can go out, hit the cones and I can catch the football."

Other prospects that worked out at Wisconsin includes interior offensive lineman Travis Frederick, offensive tackles Ricky Wagner and Jake Bscherer (Minnesota-Duluth), linebacker Mike Taylor and defensive backs Devin Smith, Marcus Cromartie and Ryan McWethy (Wisconsin-Platteville).