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Cincinnati Bengals Attend Nebraska Pro Day

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The Cincinnati Bengals were one of over a dozen teams that attended Nebraska's Pro Day on Thursday.

Eric Francis

According to Grant Muessel with Huskers Illustrated Magazine and the Daily Nebraskan, the Cincinnati Bengals were one several teams that attended Thursday's Nebraska's Pro Day.

Sixteen Huskers were on hand to workout in front of over a dozen scouts, including running back Rex Burkhead, safety Daimion Stafford and kicker Brett Maher. Others included, per

In addition to the three Combine participants, the Huskers' 2012 senior class was represented from the offense by tight ends Ben Cotton and Kyler Reed and offensive guard Seung Hoon Choi. From the defense, seven members of last year's senior class took part in Pro Day including Joseph Carter, Will Compton, Eric Martin, Cameron Meredith, P.J. Smith, Daimion Stafford and Alonzo Whaley. Defensive tackle Baker Steinkuhler was also on hand at the Pro Day, but unable to participate following knee surgery.