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2013 NFL Free Agency: Reports Say Eagles Will Pursue Safety Dashon Goldson; Other Notable Safeties Released

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The top safety available in free agency will have many suitors, to be sure. Multiple reports say that the Philadelphia Eagles will be one of those suitors that will push for Dashon Goldson's services. Some other bigger-name players at the position were released Friday and could generate some early interest.

Thearon W. Henderson

Well, the Philadelphia Eagles seem to be at it again. After a 2011 foray into free agency that created a nickname of "The Dream Team" by then-backup quarterback Vince Young, it sounds like the team will jump back into the fire in 2013 by signing some more big-name players. One such guy could be former San Francisco 49ers safety, Dashon Goldson. Multiple sources have made it known that the team will heavily pursue Goldson at the commencement of free agency.

Goldson will have a number of suitors this offseason with the Bengals having an outside chance at being one of them. It sounds as if there is mutual interest, as Goldson was quoted earlier in the week as being intrigued at playing in Cincinnati. It could have just been a self-marketing and/or an effort at being politically correct before the frenzy of free agency hits. Still, the Bengals have a bevy of cash to spend and they've preferred to go the veteran route of late at the position, so we'll see.

It has also been reported that Goldson is going to be asking $8 million per year from his new team and we're not sure how many teams are willing to pay him that. If you're wondering how the Eagles are able to even think about a signing of that financial magnitude just two short years after spending a fortune on free agency, it's mostly because they re-structured Michael Vick's contract and are likely going to be doing something of the same nature with Nnamdi Asomugha's huge deal.

For the teams that miss out on Goldson in free agency and still want a veteran safety, three notable players at the position were released on Friday: Adrian Wilson (Arizona), Dawan Landry (Jacksonville), and Atari Bigby (San Diego). Wilson has had an outstanding 12-year career, all with the Cardinals, where he has been a five-time Pro Bowl selection and earned four All-Pro designations with his most recent being in 2011. He's 33 years old, but could have another year or two of quality football left. Landry hasn't had the career that Wilson has, but he's also five years younger and has more football left in him.