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Cincinnati Bengals Attend Arizona Pro Day

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Scouts for the Cincinnati Bengals traveled west to attend Arizona's Pro Day.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

They're everywhere, one frightened child said underneath the shadow of roaming Bengals scouts and coaches parading the country-side. Whether they're local (you better believe the Bengals staff observes schools within proximity), deep in the south or out west, the Bengals are doing their due-diligence gathering information about many of the draft-eligible players entering the 2013 NFL draft.

According to draft expert and analyst Chris Steuber, the Cincinnati Bengals attended Arizona's Pro Day on Thursday.

One player that impressed many scouts was quarterback Matt Scott, writes Kyle Johnson at

Scott attempted roughly 85 passes Thursday, even with his No. 1 option Dan Buckner limited by a tweaked hamstring, something that's unheard of on a Pro Day, according to George Whitfield Jr., Scott's personal trainer. Quarterbacks usually throw around 60-65 balls, but Arizona's leader last season went well beyond that amount.

However according to Rob Rang with, the teams showing the most interest in Scott was Arizona, Seattle, Washington, Buffalo and San Diego. In all 12 players worked out in front of scouts, which also included Mark Watley, writes Gil Brandt with

Watley was not a starter, rather a special teamer for the Wildcats. He ran the 40 in 4.44 and 4.47 seconds. He posted jumps of 38 1/2 inches in the vertical and 10-foot-6 in the broad jump. While posting a time of 4.33 seconds in the short shuttle, Watley pulled his hamstring and was unable to continue the workout. He is a likely rookie free-agent pickup following the 2013 NFL draft.