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Raiders Finalize Trade For Matt Flynn And Nearing Palmer Trade To Arizona

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Quarterbacks are being moved around on this April Fool's day, including former Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer.

John Grieshop

It's done.

According to Jay Glazer with, the Seattle Seahawks completed a trade that sends Matt Flynn to the Oakland Raiders, in exchange for two draft picks. As a result the Oakland Raiders are now trying to finalize a deal that will send former Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer to the Arizona Cardinals.

According to Glazer, the Raiders are sending "later round" picks from the 2014 and 2015 NFL draft.

Palmer, who is scheduled to make $13 million with the Raiders, refused a reported $3 million pay cut, prompting Oakland to find an alternate solution. Speculation has been that Palmer has been trying to force a trade to Arizona, or at the very least, a release.

The proposed trade would send Palmer to Arizona for one draft pick while the quarterback has agreed to restructure his contract.

According to Schefter, Palmer was hoping to end up in Tampa Bay.