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FIU Safety Jonathan Cyprien Scheduled Visits And Workouts With A Dozen Teams

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...and none are the Cincinnati Bengals.


If the Cincinnati Bengals are interested in FIU safety Jonathan Cyprien, they're being extremely discrete about it.

According to Aaron Wilson with the Baltimore Sun, Cyprien has scheduled visits and private workouts with at least a dozen teams.

That includes the Atlanta Falcons, Carolina Panthers, Dallas Cowboys, Miami Dolphins, Jacksonville Jaguars, Washington Redskins, Arizona Cardinals, New York Jets, Tennessee Titans, Cleveland Browns, San Francisco 49ers and the Houston Texans.

Though publicly known workouts and visits are fluid things, they're not accurate barometers regarding a team's interest. We're always reminded of Geno Atkins, who had no idea that Cincinnati was interested.

Teams are allowed to host 30 prospects during the predraft process, but may visit a player an unlimited number of times. And since these visits aren't widely reported, save for an agent looking to spread the activity of his prospect (hey, look how many guys want my guy, so why not you!) or the player himself speaking about it, they often happen without any fanfare. Especially with a team like the Bengals that pretends as if the entire world is full of blood sucking aliens that Cincinnati must ignore.

The Bengals are expected to draft a safety with one of their first three picks during the 2013 NFL draft.