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2013 NFL Draft: Oregon Offensive Lineman Kyle Long Tweets That He's Visiting Cincinnati

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The Bengals could be in the market for an offensive tackle within the first few rounds of this year's draft because of stalled negotiations with Andre Smith. One interesting prospect tweeted on Wednesday that he's visiting Cincinnati.


As another day on the calendar turns and offensive tackle Andre Smith remains unsigned by the Bengals, one has to think that the team will be looking at selecting a rookie at the position should this stall out continue. Some believe that a player like D.J. Fluker would be an adequate replacement for Smith in round one, but with Cincinnati holding two picks in the second round, they could go for what they deem a more pressing need initially.

One offensive tackle that seems to fall in that second round range is former University of Oregon offensive lineman, Kyle Long. In case you're unfamiliar with him, he not only played for a high-octane Ducks offense, but he comes from a great NFL lineage. His father, Howie Long, is/was a Hall of Fame defensive lineman for the Oakland Raiders and his older brother, Chris Long, is currently an emerging star defensive end for the St. Louis Rams.

Along with the slew of free agent and other rookie visits, it appears that the Bengals may have one lined up with Long, per a tweet on his personal Twitter account:

Spelling error aside, we would find it hard to believe that Long would leave the West Coast to Cincinnati unless he either was there on business (visiting with the Bengals) or had some family there that we haven't heard about. We've also seen similar tweets from prospects that became official visits, so we'll run with this for now and await official word from the team and/or other insiders to confirm that he's going to be visiting with the Bengals.

Long is the anti-Smith, of sorts. Though Long isn't as big or maybe even as naturally-gifted of a tackle as Smith, you just have to bet that he won't be having the conditioning issues that plagued Big Andre his first couple of years in the league because of his great lineage. Still, Long does have an extensive athletic background himself, as he was drafted by the Chicago White Sox back in 2008 as a lefty pitcher. He eschewed another offer to play baseball at Florida State to play football at Oregon.

At 6'6" and 315 pounds, so wonder which offensive line position that Long will play in the NFL. Some believe that he's a more natural left tackle, while others think he'll be a better fit on the right or even by kicking inside to guard. If the Bengals do indeed select him, one would have to believe that it's either to plug the current hole at right tackle and/or be groomed as an eventual replacement for Andrew Whitworth on the left.