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2013 NFL Free Agency: Bengals Have Expressed Interest In Running Back Ahmad Bradshaw...Again

The Bengals' free agency interests seem to be making the rounds of a good portion of the remaining big-name free agents. Another prominent name surfaced as being a possible connection with Cincinnati.

Nick Laham

Stop us if you've heard this before: the Bengals have interest in free agent running back, Ahmad Bradshaw. No, this isn't 2011 when they first were intrigued by the former hard-nosed Giants back. And, no this isn't recently when there were rumblings of the team being interested when he was first released by New York.

It's now April 2013 and the team has "expressed interest" in Bradshaw once again, per a report from ProFootballTalk. Apparently, they are looking to set up a visit and possible workout with Bradshaw in the next week or two. This could be in an effort to give the Bengals an idea on how they want to bolster the position be it through free agency with players like Bradshaw, or the recently-visited Felix Jones; or if they want to opt to load up in the draft. Or, more likely, a little bit of both.

Bradshaw is coming off of a foot injury and though most teams have shied away from him until he's healthy, he has gained some interest--particularly with the Pittsburgh Steelers. They had a recent visit with him and are reportedly lining up a second one in the near future. The Bengals could be re-interested in Bradshaw because his foot is finally healing, and they likely share the sentiment that he is a back that could be productive in the bruising AFC North division. Bradshaw has a career 4.6 yards per carry average and 132 career receptions in his six-year career.

Back in early February, we posed the question on if the Bengals should sign Bradshaw--the thought was predicated on his tough running style and ability to catch the football, which the Cincinnati offense needs. A troubling injury history and fumbling issues had some of you skeptical. Regardless, it appears that Bradshaw is one of just a recent slew of high-profile free agents that the Bengals are courting.