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Video: Bengals Meet with Former Rival James Harrison

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The Bengals played host to free agent linebacker James Harrison on Thursday, prompting mixed reactions throughout Bengaldom. Our own Jason Garrison breaks down the visit in this exclusive Cincy Jungle video.

On Thursday, the shocking news came down that former Steelers linebacker/professional hit man James Harrison was visiting the Bengals. For most Bengals' fans, signing Harrison would be a double-edged sword. On one hand, the team has a sore need for a SAM linebacker following the departure of Manny Lawson to the Buffalo Bills. On the other hand though, seeing Harrison in an orange-striped uniform would be a bitter pill to swallow considering the heated rivalry between the Bengals and Steelers.

Nonetheless, if Harrison is able to overcome the injury issues that plagued him in 2012, he still possesses enormous pass-rushing upside and could provide a major boost in that regard. Marvin Lewis and Mike Zimmer have long searched for a tweener type SAM/DE hybrid, and Harrison certainly fits the bill.

Cincy Jungle's own Jason Garrison breaks down the visit and all of it's many implications in this exclusive Cincy Jungle video.