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Reports Say "Bengals Like What They Heard" But No Immediate Signing Wtih James Harrison

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The Cincinnati Bengals could sign a former Pittsburgh Steelers player that may have a chip on his shoulder against the Steelers. How can you hate that?

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Different opinions exist; only natural among a community that shows an expansive range of opinions daily.

According to reports earlier on Thursday, the Cincinnati Bengals hosted free agent linebacker James Harrison. And from the sounds of it, things sound promising, according to Ian Rapoport with the NFL Network.

Citing someone "who saw Harrison" today, Rapoport tweets that Harrison has enough hunger left that would adequately fit in Cincinnati's nickel formation as a pass rusher.

My opinion?

Yep. We actually embedded our own tweet. Behind the Steel Curtain thinks he still has it.

Carlos Dunlap, Michael Johnson, Geno Atkins, James Harrison. Pick your poison.