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Bengals Hoping To "Close A Deal" With G Pollak After His Visit

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Pollak had previously visited the Bengals on Wednesday and Geoff Hobson of revealed that the team had been hoping to sign the backup guard prior to the close of business on Thursday.

As we reported earlier today, the Bengals brought in free agent Mike Pollak for a visit on Wednesday to kick the tires on the veteran guard. Now, based on a report from Geoff Hobson of, it appears that the Bengals were hoping to seal the deal with Pollak prior to the close of business on Thursday evening.

It's believed the Bengals were hoping to close a deal Thursday night with backup guard Mike Pollak after he visited Wednesday. Pollak, a second-round pick of the Colts in 2008, played one game for Carolina last season.

Obviously, no deal was completed between the two parties, but that doesn't eliminate the possibility of a deal getting done in the near future.

Meanwhile, this news sheds a little light on how the Bengals currently view their offensive line depth. The team has a core group of entrenched starters, but little in the way of proven talent behind them. Pollak could fill the role of a backup guard-center combination, or he could simply be a training camp body. It is even remotely possible that the Bengals' interest in Pollak might spell the end for Travelle Wharton, but we'll wait until Pollak is actually signed before we fully engage the speculation machine.

For now, we can content ourselves in the knowledge that the Bengals appear poised to finally start making a splash in free agency, only 30 days after the signing period officially opened.