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2013 Cincy Jungle Mock Draft: Chicago Bears Select

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With the No. 20 pick in the 2013 Cincy Jungle Mock Draft, UIsteve selected for the Chicago Bears.


With the No. 20 pick in the 2013 Cincy Jungle Mock Draft, ULsteve selected for the Chicago Bears, and with the 20th pick in the 2013 Cincy Jungle Mock Draft, the Chicago Bears select...

Jonathan Cooper, G, North Carolina

From ULsteve:

The Bears are bringing Trestman's fast paced offense to Chicago and Cooper should be a good fit in both the run and passing game. He's the last one remaining of the top 5 OL in the draft and should be an immediate starter. With the addition of Bushrod at LT, switching Webb to RT, and adding Cooper, the Bears will have a much better line to move the talented position players forward.

Other considerations were LB'ers Ogletree and Te'o, but I don't think they pull the trigger on those two to replace the gaping leadership hole left by Brian Urlacher. Te'o would be primed for failure considering his own personal controversy combined with the comparisons to Urlacher's career. Brown seemed like Emery's man to do that, but he just went off the board. Richardson and Werner were enticing as either would add more talent to their DL that has age and a couple question marks.

Draft Overview:

# Team Picked By Name/Positon of Pick
1 Chiefs Jason Garrison Luke Joeckel, OT
2 Jaguars Hyprpwnmania Geno Smith, QB
3 Raiders Ryan Leach Dee Milliner, CB
4 Eagles Cincy841 Eric Fisher, OT
5 Lions FourthNGoal Ezekiel Ansah, DT
6 Browns Jason Garrison Sharrif Floyd, DT
7 Cardinals Cincy 841 Dion Jordan, DE/OLB
8 Bills Zak Kondratenko Cordarrelle Patterson, WR
9 Jets Indesignkat Jarvis Jones, OLB
10 Titans Jason Garrison Chance Warmack, OG
11 Chargers Polar Bengal Lane Johnson, OT
12 Dolphins EZoellner Barkevious Mingo, DE
13 Buccaneers fmshow Xavier Rhodes, CB
14 Panthers Bengal Bruce Star Lotulelei, DT
15 Saints HunkerdownWHODEY Tavon Austin, WR
16 Rams epk1979 Kenny Vaccaro, S
17 Steelers Jason Garrison Tyler Eifert, TE
18 Cowboys Effaybeoh D.J. Fluker, OT
19 Giants Mexal Arthur Brown, LB
20 Bears ULsteve Jonathan Cooper, G
21 Bengals

22 Rams (from Redskins)

23 Vikings

24 Colts

25 Vikings (from Seahawks)

26 Packers

27 Texans

28 Broncos

29 Patriots

30 Falcons

31 49ers

32 Ravens