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Another D.J. Fluker Selection In Another NFL Mock Draft

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It's becoming a little clear that if the Cincinnati Bengals aren't able to re-sign Andre Smith, the overwhelming belief is that the team will draft D.J. Fluker.

Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

We know that the saturation of mock drafts can be overwhelming (if not downright infuriating), especially among those with a loaded reactionary view point related to a somewhat ignorant understanding of specific needs regarding the roster of NFL teams. Some are glaring. Others not so much. Maybe it's the months of feeding the mock draft rage, wearing us down and begging for April to speed along for the NFL draft on April 25.

And for the most part, calling it a mock draft is fantastically reaching, considering that if you mocked an NFL draft, most writers fail to recognize the remaining six rounds, or 222 selections. But in fairness, who has the time, desire or insight? Once recognizable names disappear, interest among the less obsessive (people that don't watch videos of every prospect) wanes.

There are some that we respect though.

NFL Insider Adam Caplan released his first mock draft on Friday, and based on the uncertainty regarding Andre Smith, gave Cincinnati Alabama offensive tackle D.J. Fluker. Fluker has been a popular selection for the Bengals in recent weeks, due to the hold out like nature of Smith's negotiations.

Smith believes his value is among the best free agent signings at his position, whereas the Bengals (and the other 31 teams), aren't so sure.

If Smith isn't prior by the NFL draft (of if the team doesn't feel negotiations are close around that time), we're alright with Fluker. Granted, we'd rather not have to use a selection on right tackle with Smith still out there, but it's also understandable.