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Mock Draft: Peter King List 3 Possibilities In First Round

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Sports Illustrated's Peter King listed three posible players the Bengals could select with their first-round draft pick.


Peter King went through the first round of the draft in his latest Monday Morning QB and listed three possible players that he could see the Bengals using the No. 21 overall pick on. Two of those players we've heard before. One we haven't.

Cincinnati (21) likes Alec Ogletree and Eddie Lacy -- and a strange one for this high: Houston cornerback D.J. Hayden, who had a risky heart-valve problem in 2011 but now checks out OK. Bengals defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer has spent loads of time investigating Hayden ...

Ogletree and Lacy make sense. The Bengals are in need of a new linebacker to play SAM and Ogletree fits the bill. Of course, if the Bengals get a deal done with James Harrison on Monday like many believe they will, drafting a linebacker in the first round may not be necessary. However, Harrison is by no means a long-term solution and having his replacement ready for action as soon as 2014 would be a good thing, if he's signed, of course.

Lacy also makes sense. He's the top running back in this year's draft class and he showcases the ability to not only carry the ball between the tackles, but the speed to be a home run threat as well. The Bengals have said they're looking for a back to complement BenJarvus Green-Ellis' running style and while they've payed a lot of attention to Givani Bernard and Jonathan Franklin, most analysts believe neither of them can be a back that carries the load for a team. Lacy is, though.

Green-Ellis is signed through the 2014 season and while Lacy wouldn't make quite as much sense as a linebacker or safety, it wouldn't be shocking to see Roger Goodell call his name when the Bengals are on the clock.

Hayden is a name we've heard quite a bit of but cornerback isn't considered one of the team's more pressing needs, at least not now. Had the Bengals not re-signed Adam Jones or Terence Newman, Bengals fans would be singing a different tune, but that's not the case. There's also Dre Kirkpatrick, last year's first-round draft pick, who hasn't seen much action at all due to injury. He could still work his way into the starting lineup.

However, if the Bengals were inclined to use their first round pick on a cornerback like Hayden, the Bengals' secondary would be set for a fairly long while. The NFL is a passing league and the best way to defend offenses other than having a great pass rush (check) is having a secondary capable of blanketing all receivers.

Which of these guys would you rather see the Bengals draft, if any?