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Andy Dalton Spent Offseason Watching 2 Super Bowl Champions

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Players reported for voluntary workouts on Monday where Andy Dalton said he spent his offseason watching both Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers.

Andy Lyons

Bengals players, along with all other players around the league, have reported to voluntary workouts. Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton, heading into his third season, told FSN Ohio's Kevin Goheen that he spent his offseason watching two recent Super Bowl champion quarterbacks.

Dalton's third season will be an important one for his development and his future with the Bengals. Dalton has helped lead the Bengals to the playoffs two years in a row, but the offense struggled at times, especially moving the ball through the air and Dalton has taken much of the blame.

There likely aren't two quarterbacks in the league that would be better for Dalton to learn from. Both spread the ball around to several receivers and both lead two of the league's most high-powered offenses. Brees could be especially good for Dalton to learn from due to the lack of arm strength issue, though Brees obviously has enough arm strength to win games.

Dalton's career passer rating is 83.9, though it increased from 80.4 in 2011 to 87.4 in 2012. With the right weapons around him and with a good offensive line, Dalton can lead the Bengals offense past the best NFL defenses, especially if the team improves their running game in 2013. If Dalton continues to improve throughout 2013, whether he takes the Bengals to their third straight playoff appearance or not, he will show many doubters that he is the future of the Bengals offense. However, if he struggles or doesn't improve, he may push many supporters the opposite way.