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Bengals Have $28.55 Million In Cap Space

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The Bengals are in third place in the league in cap space at $28.55 million, according to Joe Reedy.


The Bengals are in third place in cap space in the league with $28.55 million, according to The Cincinnati Enquirer's Joe Reedy. They're behind the Cleveland Browns ($33.6 million) and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers ($32.84 million). Reedy Believes that after the team signs their draft picks and practice squad players, they'll be left with $9 million to spend in free agency.

Factoring in draft picks, practice squad, IR anticipations and everything else, that still leaves the Bengals with around $9 million to spend in free agency. In other words more than enough for James Harrison, Andre Smith and maybe a couple others.

If the Bengals can sign Harrison and re-sign Smith while possibly adding a player or two, on top of who they have already re-signed or brought in as free agents, the offseason will officially be considered a success to many fans.

The Bengals aren't known for spending a lot of money in free agency and they came into the offseason with the plan of re-signing their own. For the most part, they've done that. The last big name they haven't brought back is Smith, but it seems that they're content with either drafting a new right tackle or signing someone else after the draft.

Right now, the Bengals are still in good position to get deals done with big-name players that can help the team win in 2013 and beyond.