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James Harrison Update: Agreement Could Come Monday, But Mega-Deal Not Expected

The Cincinnati Bengals and representatives for James Harrison are working to get a deal done, which could come as early as Monday.

Charles LeClaire-US PRESSWIRE

A mid-noon tweet by NFL Insider Ian Rapoport with the NFL Network suggested that the people representing free agent linebacker James Harrison and the Cincinnati Bengals were working on a deal that could happen as soon as Monday.

Geoff Hobson with writes that any deal won't be significant, largely because of the team's overall role with SAM linebackers.

The Harrison negotiations don't look to have gone in-depth yet. But given that their SAM backer is on the field about a third of the snaps, the Bengals won't be looking to give Harrison one of those mega deals he pulled down as a perennial Pro Bowler.

This is actually something we've come to expect; not with the Bengals, but the somewhat declining value of SAM linebackers in the NFL within 4-3 base schemes. A defense like Cincinnati puts far more value on a fifth defensive back than they do a third linebacker. But we suspect that this was already discussed with the player and team, or else why would anyone waste their time?