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Poll: How Many Primetime Games Will The Bengals Have In 2013?

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How many primetime games do you think the Bengals will play in 2013?

Rob Carr

The Bengals have experienced a bit of feast or famine in the world of primetime NFL games over the past several years. In 2010, the Bengals had both a Monday Night Football and Sunday Night Football game, but of course that Bengals team was coming off of a season where they had swept the AFC North. The 2010 season feels like it was a generation ago (in some regard, it was), but the 4-12 season plummeted the Bengals into a 2011 season that offered no Sunday, Monday, or Thursday night lights beaming down on them. After a 9-7 record and a playoff birth, however, the Bengals experienced a plethora of primetime action in 2012 including their first Monday Night Football opener since 2007. Considering the Bengals experienced yet another playoff appearance in 2012, it's assumed that they'll see their fair share of primetime games in 2013.

With the Bengals 2013 schedule releasing Thursday (8 P.M. EST), it's time to speculate how many games may end up being primetime affairs. Keep in mind: Since the NFL implemented a regular Thursday Night Football schedule last season, all teams will at least experience one primetime game moving forward.

We know the opponents:


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Aside from Thursday Night Football, the Bengals haven't faced a non-division opponent in a primetime game since they played the Jets at the end of the 2009 season. Overall, the NFL has kept division and non-division games pretty balanced in prime time when you consider the 2012 season. Could the Bengals finally play their first Monday or Sunday Night Football game against a non-division opponent in more than three years? If so, you'd assume that the league would push for a division game in prime time for the Bengals as well. The Patriots, Packers, and even the struggling Jets are typically adored by the media, and it's not far-fetched to see the Bengals possibly facing one of them under the lights.

All things considered, what do fans anticipate for the Bengals this season in the world of prime time? Please answer our poll before the schedule gets announced. Feel free to discuss what teams you'd like to see facing the Bengals in the comments section below.