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Bengals All-Time Team: Starting Defensive Line

We're breaking down our all-time team, polling together thoughts for a final starting lineup. Next is our defensive line.

John Grieshop

We expanded our all-time offense into one post, but wanted to take time to do a defensive breakdown for a starting lineup, starting with the defensive line.

Defensive Tackle: Over the years Cincinnati has sported a decent roster of defensive tackles, ranging from Ron Carpenter, Steve Chomyszak, Mike Reid to the more recent Domata Peko and Geno Atkins. Yet if we're making the perfect defensive line for the Cincinnati Bengals, how could any self-respecting Bengals fan now place Tim Krumrie at nose and Atkins at the three-technique? Normally we wouldn't entertain the idea of putting a fourth-year player on an all-time list, but that's the impact that Geno Atkins has made during his young NFL career.

Defensive End: Eddie Edwards and Ross Browner have combined for 142.5 career quarterback sacks and what's scary is that both played together from 1978-1986. Michael Johnson and Carlos Dunlap have all of the potential to become the next great defensive end duo in Bengals history. But right now they don't touch the Edwards/Browner era. Justin Smith shouldn't be a forgotten cause either. Another high first-round pick that generated unrealistic expectations, Smith still ranks No. 4 all-time with 43.5 quarterback sacks.

Starting Defensive Line:

NT Tim Krumrie 34.5
DT Geno Atkins 23.0
DE Eddie Edwards 83.5
DE Ross Browner 59.0

Would you add Mike Reid in place of Atkins? Maybe he hasn't earned his keep yet. Name your four.