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BB: Charting The Bengals Draft Picks During The Marvin Lewis Era

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We break down the Bengals draft picks in relation to the round that they were drafted, games that they played and started.

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Free agency tends to rewire the brains of enthusiastic and obsessive Bengals fans (aka, everyone reading this post including staff members), fist-smashing innocent desks, who are paying the price for the perceived stubbornness of a Cincinnati Bengals owner. Tens of millions under the salary cap and all they've done is re-sign their own while acquiring backup quarterback Josh Johnson, molesting the very idea of decency. Many nights lost in the untended woods from a broken moral compass leads to man's reversion to their most primordial instincts.

Jayne Cobb: "I hate Reavers."

Eventually the storm passes, calm centers the troubled soul and an unsullied path is laid out for a peaceful transition back to normalcy.

That's the transition into the NFL draft.

Over the past three years, the Bengals have found at least six regular starters (Kevin Zeitler, A.J. Green, Andy Dalton, Clint Boling, Jermaine Gresham, Geno Atkins), along with Carlos Dunlap and at least five prospects (Dre Kirkpatrick, Devon Still, Mohamed Sanu, Marvin Jones, Brandon Thompson) that could make a significant difference sooner rather than later.

The NFL draft has become the negotiator that's talking fans off the ledge after an inactive and non-sexy free agency period.

So what should we expect?

A few prospects will be drafted, a couple will turn into starters and at least one probably won't be on Cincinnati's roster by opening kickoff. Though historical numbers are disputed with regards to trends (at least around here), we wanted to take a look at how effective draft picks are during the Marvin Lewis era. Our main course here is the round in respect to seasons played, games played, started and Pro Bowls (all when with the Bengals).

FIRST 3.5 43.4 36.6 4
SECOND 3.2 41.4 31.2 2
THIRD 3.2 32.7 12.1
FOURTH 3.7 45.8 29.7 1
FIFTH 1.3 8.8 5.8
SIXTH 1.5 13.2 1.1
SEVENTH 1.4 13.8 3.1

The average numbers for all of Cincinnati's draft picks during the Marvin Lewis era (numbers in relation with the Bengals, not playing for other teams).

2.52 27.99 16.2

How does this compare with other NFL teams?

For one thing we accumulated the data on our own -- not through the magic of a Google Search that charted every team. Since we're a limited operation, we're focusing more on the Bengals than NFL teams. Though of others want to take on the task for a comparative view, email me.

Some may raise issue because players like Vontaze Burfict or Kyle Cook aren't included -- both of whom were undrafted free agents that eventually became regular starters. Considering that we're referencing the NFL draft and not the hours following the conclusion of the event, it's impractical due to the sheer number of signees. Additionally there's nothing really to be gained from such breakdowns because a vast majority of undrafted players are out of the NFL even before the regular season begins.

Maybe a project for you? Email me.