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2013 Cincy Jungle Mock Draft: Buffalo Bills Select...

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With the No. 6 overall pick in the 2013 Cincy Jungle Mock Draft, Zak Kondratenko selected for the Buffalo Bills.


With the No. 6 overall pick in the 2013 Cincy Jungle Mock Draft, Zak Kondratenko selected for the Buffalo Bills, and with the sixth overall pick in the Cincy Jungle Mock Draft, the Bills select....

Cordarrelle Patterson, WR, Tennessee

From Zak Kondratenko:

With Ryan Fitzpatrick being released and the lack of big name QB's on the Free Agent market the Bills may seem poised to pick a QB here. Unless they move up for Geno Smith, I don't see it happening. This is a QB class, while short on big time prospects, will have plenty of quality value picks available in rounds 2,3, and 4. We've seen some teams find solid QB's outside of the first round recently and it makes more sense for Buffalo to draft another need here than reach on a QB and potentially cripple their future, a la the Jaguars and Blaine Gabbert.

Buffalo desperately needs another WR across from Stevie Johnson. Cordarrelle Patterson is a big and athletic kid who made plays in the SEC. He might not be the all-around prospect that AJ Green and Julio Jones were but he still has a good chance to become a dynamic #1 WR down the road. Even if he doesn't, Buffalo will be more than happy to get a legit #2 target to help take some pressure off Stevie Johnson and make their underrated offense more dynamic.

Draft Overview:

# Team Picked By Name/Positon of Pick
1 Chiefs Jason Garrison Luke Joeckel, OT
2 Jaguars Hyprpwnmania Geno Smith, QB
3 Raiders Ryan Leach Dee Milliner, CB
4 Eagles Cincy841 Eric Fisher, OT
5 Lions FourthNGoal Ezekiel Ansah, DT
6 Browns Jason Garrison Sharrif Floyd, DT
7 Cardinals Cincy 841 Dion Jordan, DE/OLB
8 Bills Zak Kondratenko Cordarrelle Patterson, WR
9 Jets

10 Titans

11 Chargers

12 Dolphins

13 Buccaneers

14 Panthers

15 Saints

16 Rams

17 Steelers

18 Cowboys

19 Giants

20 Bears

21 Cincinnati

22 Rams (from Redskins)

23 Vikings

24 Colts

25 Vikings (from Seahawks)

26 Packers

27 Texans

28 Broncos

29 Patriots

30 Falcons

31 49ers

32 Ravens