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Mike Zimmer Runs Drills With Safety Kenny Vaccaro At Texas Pro Day

Kenny Vacarro is regarded as the top overall safety in this draft class and a surefire first round pick. Watch as Mike Zimmer runs drills with Vacarro at the Texas Pro Day, as a hoard of league personnel observes in the background.

The Bengals often send their position coaches and coordinators out to Pro Days around the country. In fact, they do it more than other teams, because they highly value a coaches input on a player during the draft process. Bengals coaches also step up and run the individual drills with players, like Defensive Coordinator Mike Zimmer did with Kenny Vaccaro at the Texas Pro Day last week.

LB Coach Paul Guenther ran drills with Manti Te'o at the Notre Dame Pro Day. The brothers, TE Coach Jonathan Hayes and Defensive Line Coach Jay Hayes, have been very active at Pro Days. Each has surfaced in several reports of running drills with prospects.

Anyway, the video doesn't have any sound from the actual Pro Day, rather some slightly annoying but informative commentary between a host and a scout. The video was provided by Play The Draft.