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No. 1 Reason Why The Bengals Should Look At D.J. Fluker

Negotiations between the Cincinnati Bengals and Andre Smith are stalled. If they do, they should look at D.J. Fluker for one reason. Attitude.

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

Sometimes it just takes a quote.

Curiosity has me somewhat open-minded. Andre Smith. Bengals. Negotiations. Frustrations. You know the story. My curiosity travels down a road of scenarios that may not include Andre Smith in a Bengals uniform next season. Wants more money. Cincinnati may find equal the production for less the cost.

One offensive tackle that could be around when the Cincinnati Bengals make their pick is Alabama tackle D.J. Fluker. Having already visited with the Baltimore Ravens and met with the New England Patriots, Carolina Panthers and the Minnesota Vikings, Fluker was quoted in the Baltimore Sun and, well, I'm listening.

"You make them feel you, you drive them off the ball," Fluker said during the NFL scouting combine where he met with the Ravens. "You set the tone and make them aware of you. The fun part of the game is knocking the defensive end down every single play, dominating. I let them know the ball is coming behind me."

Fluker said he plays the game with an edge, trying to bully opposing defensive linemen.

"I'm real emotional," Fluker said. "I'm a high-energy guy. I want to be the Ray Lewis of the offensive line. I ain't the one. I'm nasty. I had to turn it up a notch. You got to be aggressive. I used to be a defensive lineman. Now, I get to beat on defensive linemen."

What does Fluker tell opposing defensive linemen?

"Seriously, I'm fixin' to come take your lunch money," Fluker said.

Draft this man!