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Poll: What Position Will The Bengals Address In The First Round?

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There are a lot of possible picks for the Bengals in the first round. What position do you think they'll target with the No. 21 overall pick.


If you've payed attention to the billion mock drafts that we've published since the end of the season, you know that the Benglas aren't locked in to picking one particular player or position like they have been the last few years. We knew the Bengals were going to draft a cornerback and guard in 2012, A.J. Green in 2011 and we figured it would be Jermaine Gresham in 2010.

This year, it could be a safety, a running back, an offensive tackle, a cornerback, a defensive end or a linebacker. Hell, they could trade back or take a punter for all we know (they won't).

This is a good thing. The Bengals aren't tied down to one position because they aren't necessarily desperate to upgrade a single position. Sure, they could use help at safety, they may need a tackle, they'll need a defensive end, they want a running back and they could use help at several other positions, but they could use their first round pick on any one of these players, or they could just select the best player available when they go on the clock.

So, what position do you think they'll address with their first-round pick?