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Bengals And Andre Smith Spoke Over The Weekend

The Cincinnati Bengals spoke with free agent tackle Andre Smith over the weekend, who the team would like to have signed before the 2013 NFL draft.

Despite the Cincinnati Bengals and Andre Smith sporting differing perspectives on value, the two sides are keeping the channels of conversation open. According to Joe Reedy with the Cincinnati Enquirer, the team spoke with Smith over the weekend.

Head coach Marvin Lewis remains "hopeful" that the team will have Smith signed before the 2013 NFL draft, but the concrete "deadline" doesn't necessarily that the team will abandon Smith for a first-round tackle during Thursday's first round.

Starting left tackle Andrew Whitworth wouldn't have a problem giving Anthony Collins another opportunity (and Dennis Roland).

"We've got a deep locker room. That's a really good feeling and it's something that gives us a little more confidence in our team," Whitworth said. "Anthony and Roland prepare every week and every year like they're going to be the guy themselves also. If something happened to myself or Dre, they're always prepared to be in there and always ready. I think in any of those situations they would be ready again."

Collins will be ready if it comes down to it.

"I'm keeping my head down, not causing any problems," Collins said. "When they're ready to play me, I'm going to play."