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D.J. Fluker Says Twitter Account Hacked, Explaining Out Of Character Tweet

D.J. Fluker's Twitter account had a very out of character message pop up, claiming that he had accepted money while at Alabama. The Tweet was deleted and the offensive tackle claimed that he was hacked.

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

Early Tuesday morning, former Alabama offensive tackle D.J. Fluker awoke to see the following bearing his name on Twitter:


Fluker deleted the Tweet and claimed he was hacked. It makes sense too. If you follow him, you know that the above Tweet is extremely out of character. Fluker's agent, Deryk Gilmore, says they know who hacked Fluker's account and they have been on the phone with Twitter trying to get proof.

Something like this likely won't hurt the draft stock of someone many think very highly of. The Bengals have been mocked to select Fluker several times in the last few weeks and if he's on the board when they go on the clock, they may decide to use their first-round pick on him, especially if Andre Smith hasn't been re-signed. There's a good chance, though, that Fluker will be long gone when the Bengals go on the clock.

The real issue this raises is whether college athletes should be payed beyond scholarships. This has become a hot-button issue over the last few years. Many, considering the amount of money major college programs rake in during one football season, believe that college athletes deserve a cut. Others believe a free education and a portal into the NFL is enough.

What do you think?